HFGS: Voted BEST PRIVATE SCHOOL in 2016 Best of Glendale

HFGS: Voted BEST PRIVATE SCHOOL in 2016 Best of Glendale

Fr. Jim Bevacqua (Pastor) and Miss Fidela Suelto (GS Principal) accept with great honor and joy the accomplishment award from The Glendale News Press and the LA Times. 

The list of Glendale’s Best of 2016 was published last November 26th

The school administration and faculty are very grateful to ALL of you – our Parents, Students, Fr. Jim, Faculty, Staff, PTO and CSB Boards, HFCC, BVM Sisters, Department of Catholic Schools, and all the other communities surrounding the Glendale area for making Holy Family Grade School the best private school this year. This news is phenomenal!

Congratulations, Holy Family Grade School! Voted BEST PRIVATE SCHOOL.

“The votes are in and the readers of the Glendale News-Press have voted Holy Family Grade School as the Best of Glendale in 2016.”  By Daniel Cervantes, LA Times

“The entire school faculty, office staff, assistants, students, Clergy, and parents are to be credited for us receiving this honorable distinguished award. Let’s make a repeat of it in 2017.” By Dr. Steve Benedict, PTO Board President 

“Great news! Congratulations to you and the entire school community for this wonderful accomplishment.” By Dr. Kevin Baxter, Senior Director and Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“Fidela and Fr. Jim – Thanks for sharing this terrific news – and thank you for your leadership and for all you do! This acknowledgement is a great reflection of the fine work happening there and this is indeed something to celebrate…” Continued Blessings, Anthony J. Galla, Ed. D. Deputy Superintendent of Elementary Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Blessing and Ribbon-cutting of Renovated Facilities at Holy Family – Glendale

Bishop Joseph Brennan, Glendale Mayor Paula Devine, GPD Officer Lynch, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, HF School Alumni, HS & GS School Board Representatives, Deacon Ron Baker, Fr. Jim Bevacqua, HS Principal Dr. Ed. Robillard, GS Principal Miss Fidela Suelto, Student Ambassadors, and the Students celebrated the Blessing and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the renovated facilities of both schools last Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Central in the teachings of both the elementary and secondary schools at Holy Family is the Word of God and the quality of academics, two schools where Jesus Christ is centermost.  Meeckaczarina Arlante, Student Council General Commissioner and Jeremy Reyes, SC Commissioner delivered a speech thanking the church, school, and parents for all the renovated facilities.

In both schools, parents, teachers, pastor and alums are wholehearted with all that is within them for the school to become an institution that brings highest honor to God’s name and for families to entrust their child’s faith-based education. Fr. Jim Bevacqua, pastor, continues to raise the bar and has maintained the improvement of the schools’ physical plant and its over-all upkeep. All school personnel and in the new systemness are growing in Christ.

Speech of Jeremy and Meeka:

As most of you know, I am Jeremy Reyes, and I am Meeka Arlante! We are both from the eighth grade, and we are here to discuss the benefits of our new school renovations. Before we begin, we would like to start off with a quote, “To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often.” This quote was stated by Cardinal John Henry Newman, who was an important figure in religious history in the 19th century. This quote emphasizes that life is full of changes and one has to change to improve. Did you know that our school is 91 years old? Within 91 years, Holy Family Grade School has undergone numerous changes to ensure the academic success of each child.

During our time at Holy Family Grade School, we have witnessed several developments to the school’s overall environment, not only for the students, but also for the faculty and parents. A school’s job is to offer individuals a sense of safety and love in its community, which we both believe that it had achieved. As students, we are able to utilize the remodeled restrooms. The parents also have the opportunity to take care of personal matters in the new main office, relax in the school’s lobby, and sometimes, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the serving kiosk. Having these renovated facilities reflects how important and cared for the students, parents, faculty, and staff, are here at Holy Family Grade School. We are extremely grateful for these new opportunities in our school.

All of these renovations further enhance the school as a community. The new restrooms provide more space and offer a modern change, where students can freshen up. The school lobby and the main office give a sense of organization and professionalism to our school, which are important factors in order to be successful. Holy Family also understands how important it is to handle business matters efficiently. The new and improved glass windows help speed up the process. Just bring what you need, give it to the office, say thank you, and poof…..your matters have been handled. Last, but not least, the serving kiosk creates an “at home feeling” where parents can mingle during our important PTO general assemblies.

In all, our school would not be as wonderful as it has become without these amazing people, Bishop Brennan, Father Jim, the Church, Miss Suelto, the faculty, staff, students, and the parents. They are the reason why our school is improving and growing. After all, there is a reason why Holy Family a Grade School was voted the number one private school in Glendale. Let us give a round of applause to those who made these renovated facilities possible. Now, let us conclude this assembly, with our School Prayer.

Dear God, our Father, help us in our work and everyday life; to respect one another and to appreciate our faculty. Bless our parents and all those who help the school. We thank you for the gift of life, which you have given us. Be with us and enlighten us as we join together as a school. We thank you for all you have given us, the happiness of being with our friends and for helping us to grow in every way. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Academic Decathlon / Cheer Champions – Holy Family Grade School Teams’ Two Success Stories in 2017!

Thank you for all your wonderful support, generous time, and positive energies. Congratulations on our team’s effort!

Super Quiz: HFGS-Glendale  – 4th PLACE

Social Studies: Lucas Pangilinan, 7th Grade – 2nd PLACE

Literature: Nicole Paja, 6th Grade – 3rd PLACE

Current Events: Catherine Alejo, 8th Grade – 7th PLACE

Fine Arts: Jeremy Reyes, 8th Grade – 8th PLACE

Fr. Jim, Parents, Coach Ofelia Ruta, Assistant Coaches Chris Alejo / Pierre Consebido, and Mrs. Kimberlee Thomas, and Faculty – Please know that you are very much appreciated for everything that you have done to impart knowledge, share God’s blessings, and exhibit that marvelous support to benefit our children. You have been amazing! Until next year and may God bless our AJHD Team always!

Mrs. Ruta – You are fabulous as always. The everyday training and love you gave each day to both our Decathletes and Alternates will be forever treasured. Many, many thanks!

HFGS Cheerleading Champions

Congratulations to our Holy Family Grade School Bulldog Cheerleading Teams for a fantastic performance in the World Class Cheer and Dance Championships held at Monrovia High School on Saturday, March 11th.

All four HFGS Cheer Teams placed first in their respective divisions. The teams were presented with a first place trophy and banner, and award pins were given to all cheerleaders. Thanks to Mrs. Teri Nelson, Assistant Coaches Shainna Tolentino and Malea Arriola, and our Cheer Parents. Go Bulldogs!

A Special Interview with Fr. Jim: Everything Is Awesome at HFGS!

A Special Interview with Fr. Jim: Everything Is Awesome at HFGS!

by Katharine Monahan Huntley, 4th Grade Teacher & Vice-Principal

“Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome, all of the time.”—The Lego Movie

Father James Bevacqua, pastor of the Holy Family Catholic Church community, is a man in black and a man with a plan. “I’m a visionary,” he states plainly and without vanity. “I want people to know who we are.” His favorite adjective just so happens to be “awesome.”

Acknowledging that Holy Family Grade School, established in 1925 by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a part of an increasing competitive landscape for Catholic education and “not in the most conspicuous location,” Fr. Jim fully intends for HFGS to outwit, outlast, and “outpray” its way to remaining a destination parish school.

And he is doing it from the inside out.

In 2008, Father Jim accepted his ambitious pastoral mission from the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Additional Masses, confessions, and managing a parish church, convent, high school, and grade school meant extra responsibilities and innovative thinking. The complexities of keeping the day-to-day business operations financially solvent, while saving for capital projects was, and remains, a daunting task.

Collaborating with HFGS principal, Miss Fidela Suelto, internal changes have included establishing a faculty with California Teaching Credentials and Master’s Degrees, one-to-one iPad programs for all middle school students, emphasizing Catholic identity with parents, bringing nutrition, fitness, hygiene, and comfort to the fore with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, renovated restrooms, healthy “Happy Lunch” caterers, physical education uniforms, and an extensive sports program.

Granting that first impressions are often lasting, the school is in the process of a facelift. Vintage “pendant” street lamps illuminate the way to this historic school, whose rooms have been repainted and some of the floors replaced. The front office and lobby area are just recently modernized and welcoming to all who enter its double doors.

Father Jim is emphatic about not settling for mediocrity, instead he wishes to polish what Karen Compton, a staunch Catholic and design architect consultant for HFGS refers to as “a diamond in the rough.” Plans for the future, God willing, include exterior paint, wrought iron fencing, an updated faculty room, and a parish center for the entire Holy Family Community.

“Parents deserve a return on their investment,” asserts Father Jim, “and I intend to continue to enhance Holy Family Grade School as it continues to excel.”