[Please note: our schedule is temporarily modified due to the current Covid-19 regulations. Please see our Extended Care Registration form to view these modifications.]


Morning Care

Those who arrive between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM go to Room 3. The student rings the bell to be let into Morning Care. Students must be signed in by a parent or authorized adult. There is a $10.00 daily drop-in fee for those not signed up for monthly Morning Care. The regular entrance gate will be opened at 7:30 AM. Children are not to wait outside the gate.

After School Care

Those in the program are to go to Room 13 when their class is dismissed at the end of the school day. If they are also involved with athletics or choir, they must first check in with the After School personnel. There is a $30.00 drop in fee for those not signed up for monthly After School Care. Those still in the waiting area at 3:15 are automatically signed up for After School Care.

Students in sports programs must be picked up by 4:45 PM, or they will be signed in at After School Care and billed the drop in rate of $30.00. An additional fee of $30 applies if the student is picked up after 6:00pm. After the first 15 minutes a fee of $1.00 per minute applies in addition to the drop-in fee.