Holy Family Grade School provides a learning environment that provides all students the tools necessary to become articulate communicators of the English language. Since communications skills are crucial for opportunities and success, Holy Family Grade School ensures that we utilize updated and high standard textbooks. With the current curriculum offered and the high standard set by each teacher, it is certain that each student will gain knowledge on how to write and speak using grammatically correct English.

Reading & Literature

In order to effectively understand the learning material, it is crucial that students know how to not only read, but to comprehend the text as well. In order to ensure that every child learns to read, Holy Family offers a variety of programs, textbooks, and novels that will enable students to read various types of texts. With a library in each classroom, a reading room filled with a variety of genres, and teachers who support the act of reading, it will be certain that your child will benefit here at Holy Family Grade School.

Vocabulary & Spelling

Each student in grades first through eighth at Holy Family Grade School is given a comprehensive and challenging education in spelling. Our Spelling curriculum encompasses numerous vowel teams, digraphs, ending patterns and words with prefixes and suffixes. Additionally, our spelling program includes homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms. Each student in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade are also given the opportunity to participate in our annual spelling bee. The participants all receive medals and our winners receive both medals and trophies. It is a very rewarding experience for our students.

Writing & Penmanship

In order to effectively produce text, students need to know the basic skills on how to construct well written paragraphs and essays. For the primary grades, instruction is focused on writing clearly written sentences that are grammatically correct. In time, these sentences will develop into a fully developed paragraph. For grades 4-8, instruction is based on developing essays that are both creative and expository. For creative writing, we at Holy Family Grade School, encourage students to enhance their writing through their creativity and imagination. In terms of expository writing, students are educated on how to create a well developed 5 paragraph essay. These essays are written in MLA style, where students include a thesis statement, main ideas, supporting details, and effective transitional expressions.