The mission and purpose of the school is education. Schools do not assume the responsibilities proper to the family and to society. Schools may not assume the responsibility for psychological counseling or therapy because they are not qualified or licensed to provide such counseling or therapy.
Schools may engage in the following activities in addition to providing classroom instruction:
  • Provide advice regarding academic subjects and student progress in school
  • Give limited guidance to students who present with non-academic personal issues or situations
  • Provide referrals to marriage and family counselors, child psychologists, licensed academic psychologists, psychiatrists and similar professional for diagnosis and treatment. If the school provides referrals to parents, the list must include at least three names of qualified persons or entities
  • Retain, where necessary, appropriate professionals to provide educational testing that is needed for assessment of a student’s academic ability, learning patterns, achievement motivation, and personality factors directly related to academic learning problems, or psychological counseling services for the school. Prior to entering into such a contractual relationship, the principal will ensure that the person is credentialed, licensed or otherwise properly qualified. The school may refer a student for specific or additional testing, as appropriate, generally at the parent/guardian’s expense.
In cases of actual or suspected child abuse or abuse of vulnerable adults, the Archdiocesan Victims’ Assistance Ministry is available as a resource. The Victims’ Assistance Ministry provides outreach and guidance to those suffering from abuse; sponsors a faith-based trauma recovery program; and assists in informing parish, school, archdiocesan and governmental authorities of the allegations of abuse. Referral to the Victims’ Assistance Ministry is not a substitute for mandated reporting of suspected abuse. Such a report must be made in accordance with Archdiocesan policy.


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