“Creativity is critical thinking. Art opens all of those kinds of passages and possibilities to think beyond what we already know.” – Catherine Opie, artist 

At Holy Family Grade School, we believe that the integration of a visual arts program in a child’s education is greatly valuable to their well-rounded and unique learning experience. Art is at the intersection of critical thinking and play; it provides a balance throughout the rest of the academic curriculum that is important for the development of innovation and imagination. Everyone is an artist in their own way, and we encourage that each student find their voice beyond the textbook through creativity. We aim to provide a supportive and engaging atmosphere in which self-expression with confidence can be fostered. 

In today’s multimedia society, the arts are a powerful and essential means of communication. The visual arts classes at Holy Family Grade School introduce students to various artistic ideas, skills and techniques. Creating works influenced by significant art periods, cultural values, religious motifs, and individual narratives, each student can form an appreciation for works made by others, as well as consider their own potential artistic contributions.

HFGS Arts Curriculum