Advanced Learner Program at Holy Family Grade School

The Advanced Learner Program is the official program of the school for the gifted / advanced learners. We, at Holy Family Grade School, are committed to optimizing each child’s learning experience. Since its conceptualization, the strategies for advancement and moving up to a higher level are more in place during the second semester of the school year.

Identification Process Through Criteria

  • 98% to 100% Benchmark Results in STAR Standardized Testing
  • Report Card grades with an accumulation of a GPA 4.0 in the 1stand 2nd quarters of the current year
  • Good social development skills
  • Good conduct

Our Advanced Learner Program provides educational advancement opportunities that include a wide spectrum of curriculum options, enrichment activities, and progressive administrative stand on a philosophy that all students will reach their full potential through programs designed to meet their needs. The Advanced Learner Program is designed to meet the needs of those students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual capability, and have been identified as gifted and/or greatly exceed grade level expectations. Through differentiated instruction, advanced learning students have equal access to the core curriculum and opportunities to not only meet, but to exceed grade level standards.

  • At the kindergarten through fifth grade levels, HFGS faculty will use evidence to generate a list of students for consideration for identification and to attend two or three times a week in the next grade level.
  • At the 6ththrough 8th grade levels, advanced studies or attendance in Algebra 1 (for 8th grade in our HS campus), or assignments of leadership roles in Religion, Literature, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and more in the current grade will be provided. Recommendation to be part of the AJHD, Academic Junior High Decathlon considers the child’s advancement to represent the school in a district-wide or state-wide academic competition.
  • Each grade level teacher and Principal will consider each student on the list and discuss the need for individual enrichment primarily in the Core subjects of Reading and Math.
  • If the team agrees that the student qualifies based primarily on academic performance, standardized test scores – 98% to 100% Benchmark Results in STAR Standardized Testing, Report Card grades with an accumulation of GPA of 4.0, good social development skills, and good conduct, the child is then listed to be qualified in the Advanced Learner Program.