ALA, Academic League and Ambassadors Program


HFGS ALA, Academic League and Ambassadors Rank HIGH in Catholic Math League (Report as of Wednesday, 2/22/2023)

Math 6th Grade – 4th Place out of 76 Catholic schools in competition nationwide
Math 7th Grade – 6th Place / 53 schools
Pre-Algebra 8th Grade – 6th Place / 60 schools

Top HFGS Pre-Algebra 8th Grade students out of 825 CML students competing:
1. Eli Ong Yiu
2. Joseph Nagano
3. Zachary Panis
4. Joel Villalta
5. Dylan Jazmines
6. Isabela Lopez
7. Joshua Estrada
8. Siena Aguayo

Top HFGS Math 7th Grade students out of 751 CML students competing:
1. Shanessa Dias
2. Noah Samuy
3. Miarose Flores
4. Emma Aguilar
5. Alexis Gonzalez
6. Cailey Villanueva

Top HFGS Math 6th Grade students out of 1,110 CML students competing:
1. Calix Salunga
2. Angela Leynes
3. Joaquin Lopez
4. Camille Gammad
5. Autumn Braden
6. Camila Tagorda
7. Jacob Nagano

Congratulations on our ALA’s 3rd CML Test overall performance for the year! Our school with Main Coach Ofelia Ruta, Assistant Coach Marie Antoinette Romillo and the members of our faculty are proud of you. Thank you for staying consistent in all your Math practices and drills.


ALA, Academic League and Ambassadors Accomplishment Report from Mrs. Ofelia Ruta, Main Coach & Miss Marie Romillo, Assistant Coach – CONGRATULATIONS!

Catholic Math League school ranks in the nation as of Sunday, 1/8/2023:
8th Grade Pre-Algebra Division – 4th Place out of 57 schools competing
7th Grade Math Division – 6th Place out of 51 schools
6th Grade Math Division – 2nd Place out of 72 schools

6th Grade Math Division (with 1,034 students in competition)
1. Autumn Braden
2. Angela Leynes
3. Camilla Tagorda
4. Joaquin Lopez
5. Calix Salunga

7th Grade Math Division (with 715 students in competition)
1. Noah Samuy
2. Shanessa Dias
3. Miarose  Flores
4. Emma Aguilar
5. Alexis Gonzalez

8th Grade Pre-Algebra Division (with 739 students in competition)
1. Eli Ongyiu
2. Joseph Nagano
3. Joel Villalta
4. Zachary Panis
5. Isabella Lopez

With IXL’s comprehensive review of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math by our ALA students, the entire team has received the following certificates for skills mastery and proficiency and has devoted a total of 421 hours of study.
* For outstanding completion of 25,000 Math questions on January 5th, 2023
* For outstanding completion of 100,000 Questions on January 7th, 2023

Congratulations, ALA and thank you, Mrs. Ofelia Ruta (Main Coach) and Miss Marie Romillo (Assistant Coach)