Student Council is an honoree program that consists of high achieving students who have a desire to demonstrate leadership. Student Council members work as a team in terms of strategizing, preparing, and planning for various school wide events. Student Council members are to consistently portray themselves as model citizens who abide school rules. They must always be in proper uniform, speak and act with dignity and respect, and most importantly, must be perceived as images of Christ. This is a fantastic program that truly enhances the educational experience of each student. With high expectations to be met, each student involved will truly gain the skills needed to become productive members of society.

Student Council Members – 2022-2023

8th grade class president:  Sophia Orial

Lower Grade Representatives: Miarose Flores and Maia Vergara

Upper grade Representatives: Denmark Miraballes and Joshua Estrada

Assistant Commissioner of Safety and Ecology: Emma Aguilar

Commissioners of Safety and Ecology: Joseph Nagaño and Eli Ongyiu

Commissioner of Communications: Alexis Gonzales

Commissioner of Boys Athletics: Ryden Zakry Telmo

Commissioner of Girls Athletics: Dulce Ramirez

Commissioner of Religious and Apostolic Affairs: Andrew Villa

Commissioner of Public Relations and Elections: Megan Cruz

Assistant Commissioner General: Jordan Navarro

Commissioner General: Dylan Jazmines