School Uniform

  • The uniform shirt with our school name and city is the only uniform shirt – for both boys and girls. The sleeves are not to be rolled up.
  • Each student is required to have the navy blue school V-Neck cardigan sweater (not pullover) and should have a pair of the blue uniform walking shorts.
  • On cold days, only the uniform sweater may be worn in the classroom, at assemblies, and in church. No others are acceptable.
  • School Jacket should be navy blue with no words or pictures. It can be worn to and from school and at recess.
  • The uniform shorts from Dennis Uniform Company may be worn on designated days: Days on which the temperature is reported to be 80 degrees or above for most of the day. The uniform walking shorts are to reach the top of the knees.
  • Those who do not adhere to this lose the privilege of wearing the uniform shorts for a month.
  • The shorts must be our uniform shorts. Other blue shorts are not acceptable.
  • No colored or printed clothing is to be worn under the uniform shirt – only white. The sleeves of the undershirt may not be longer than the uniform shirt sleeves.
  • No turtlenecks
  • All clothes must fit properly – not too small and not too big and must be clean and in good condition.
  • Shoes: Only all-black athletic shoes with matching laces and plain white socks.
  • Shoes are not to have high heels, high tops, or high soles. No lights, wheels, sounds, etc. -Shoes should be cleaned frequently.
  • Socks for Girls and Boys: Plain, white socks with a cuff folded once above the ankle bone.

BOYS: will wear the uniform shirt (with school name) tucked in and a black belt with the gray uniform pants or uniform walking shorts. (All Grades TK-8)

GIRLS: will wear the uniform shirt (with school name) tucked in. The skirt or jumper (always worn with the blue bike shorts) must reach to the top of the knees. A black belt is worn with the uniform walking shorts.

  • On cold days, girls may wear plain, white tights.
  • TK and Kindergarten girls wear the navy blue, corduroy/twill uniform pants as their regular uniform – with the school uniform shirt.
  • Using permanent ink, please write your child’s name in each part of the uniform. If a child is out of uniform because of an emergency, a signed note of explanation from the parent must be sent to the Principal’s Office.

Girls and Boys Hair Guidelines

Hair must be combed, neat, clean and natural color. Additives like gel that cause hair to not look natural are unacceptable.

No “fads” or “trendy styles, hairdos, or hair cuts. Hair must be off the face; bangs above the eyebrows. Those who come with any part of the head shaved will be benched each day at recess until the hair grows in. (This is included with uniform infraction).

Boys’ hair — short, not touching the collar

Girls’ hair – properly groomed; the only hair accessory that may be worn is something small to hold the hair in place or the bow that matches the uniform

MAKE-UP, NAIL, POLISH AND JEWELRY are not part of the uniform and may not be worn. If earrings are worn, only one small post in each ear lobe is acceptable. No other body piercing is allowed. A watch may be worn if it is “regular” size and does not distract self or others.

Non-Uniform Dress Days

On these days students wear non-uniform clothes or the uniform if they wish. No gang attire is to be worn on these days or at any school event. Clothes must fit properly – not too tight or too loose, too big or too small. No bare-midriffs. Shoes must be appropriate for the playground and PE. On these days, if the student wishes to wear shorts, they need to be the uniform shorts. Hair guidelines apply on these days. If a child forgets it is a non-uniform dress day he/she will remain in the school uniform. Parents will not be called to bring non-uniform clothes. Clothes deemed not proper for school by the principal will need to be changed. The parents will be called to bring the student’s uniform and he/she will lose the privilege of non-uniform dress day the next time it is given.