Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony & Our Gratitude

Dear ALL,

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Fr. Jim Bevacqua, our Pastor, Bishop Gerald Eugene Wilkerson, John and Dorothy Shea, Deacon Ron Baker, Dr. Tony Galla, Mr. Ryan Halverson, Fr. Marlon Mateo, Fr. Luis Espinoza, Pica & Sullivan Architects, the Construction Team of the Archdiocese, BVM Sisters, Mr. Tony Makhoul, Mrs. Daisy Pangilinan, Dr. Joe Reiken, HFCC Parish Council, Andrew Campa and Raul Roa of the Los Angeles Times, Dignitaries from the City of Glendale, James Jonson, Mrs. Ashley Liberda, Mrs. Marirose Martinez, Mrs. Leonora Bautista, Mrs. Maureen Garcia, and Office Staff, Mr. Tom Makiling, Concert Chorus, Ms. Maria Talavera, Mr. Ed San Jose, Mrs. Teri Nelson, Ms. Katy Huntley, Mrs. Juana Lopez, Mr. Dennis Nicolas, Mrs. Acela Castillo, GS Faculty, Staff, Student Council, Daniel Gonzalez, Lindsay Cervantes, Ashley Hurjak, Isaiah Carillo, Clint pascual, Nicolas Bailon,  officers of our PTO and CSB Boards, students, HFGS friends, and all others who made our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday possible.

Please read this news article written by Andrew Campa and the photos taken by Raul Roa, from the Los Angeles Times –



Enjoy watching this video –



Thank you so much for all your wonderful support of HFGS and God’s many blessings.


– Dr. Suelto