School Dances


School dances perform a much larger purpose than just providing an opportunity to dance. School dances and kids activities also offer opportunities to teach appropriate social behaviors, gain confidence, while building school support. 

Holy Family Grade School holds two-dance fundraisers a year,  St. Patrick and New Year’s Bash for the entire student body, from Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. 

The auditorium is almost transformed into a real ballroom dance area with matching glittering and disco lights being set up by the student council. Strobe lights also add to the ambiance. When students enter the auditorium, they are provided with glow in the dark bracelets, rings, light sticks and other fun accessories to add to the overall dance experience.

Our master of ceremony is Mrs. Nelson who formally opens and closes the dances, as well as leads the dance competitions amongst the students during half time. The loudest clap determines the winner of the dance competition.

With regards to music we play during the dance event, we try our best to select appropriate music for the students. Students may suggest/request their own favorite music to be played during the dance provided it is appropriate. The dance committee always has the final decision.

The students and faculty really enjoy both dances during the school year.