Jog-A-Thon – a Winning Event!

Ready in their pink Jog-A-Thon shirts, athletic skills, and positive attitudes, students at Holy Family Grade School displayed a great degree of enthusiasm and engagement at last week’s Jog-A-Thon event.

Bringing his 25 years of experience as a teacher of Physical Education, Coach Johnson displayed his expertise in inspiring students to apply their athletic skills and endurance to make for a great time of fun and fitness for the whole community. This was coupled with our professional Zumba instructor, Alma Moto, who led students in this unique dance, which was both fun and challenging.

Mrs. Nelson, a Vice Principal and Kindergarten teacher, recalled as much in her weekly Newsletter to parents. “Our class had a memorable and wonderful time at the Jog-A-Thon on Friday. We stretched, jogged, danced, and exercised together with the Zumba instructor and Coach Johnson. What a fun way to work on our fitness!”

Not only did teachers and students contribute to this event: several parents played a key role in helping lead and encourage students in the activities, which did much to elevate the tone of the event, as well as the focus and participation of the students.

More photos can be viewed from the Jog-A-Thon on the school’s new Photo Gallery page, found at the link below:

HFGS Photo Gallery