Graduation Ceremony Honors Class of 2022

One of the most important events of the school year includes the annual 8th Grade Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation Ceremony.

While every graduation ceremony entails a heartwarming, bitter-sweet atmosphere of “bon voyage,” this year’s event was especially so due to various circumstances: for the teachers, it was the parting of a particularly achievement-oriented, hardworking class; for Fr. Jim, since this was his last graduation Mass with the school, and the ceremony served as his own final farewell to the students; for the students, who after the ceremony said their final goodbyes to the many teachers, accompanies with proud, smiling parents.

Zachary Brown, the valedictorian for the Class of 2022, gave a heartwarming speech, with many sincerely meant “air-hugs” to the Principal, Pastor, Mrs. Liberda and others, which helped to bring a sense of levity to the otherwise solemn ceremony.

With the ceremony prepared and lead by Mrs. Liberda, the 8th grade home-room teacher, and overseen by our Principal, Dr. Suelto, the execution of events by all, in typical Holy Family Grade School fashion, was organized and coordinated to imbue a sense of reverence and importance. This reflected the intrinsic meaningfulness of the occasion.

Congratulations, HFHS Class of 2022! We thank God for your time here and will miss you all dearly.

Go Bulldogs!

You can view the program for this event and more at our new Photo Gallery webpage.