Congratulations, Cheer and Dance Teams. GO BULLDOGS!

Congratulations, Cheer and Dance Teams.
Congratulations to our outstanding Cheer and Dance Teams for their exceptional performances at Saturday’s packed event held at Sierra Vista High School in Baldwin Park. From the early morning warm ups and performances to the late day/evening award ceremonies, our incredible students, their families, relatives, and our dedicated coaches – Mrs. Nelson, Miss Stone, Mrs. Soliman, and Mr. Jared Singzon – showcased dedication and talent. Once again, our teams brought home the gold, demonstrating remarkable sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout. Heartfelt congratulations and many thanks to all involved for their outstanding achievements!

Cheer Awards:
BOTH first place mini mascot stunts
-Levi Moreno,  Bobbi Anne Roces, Janiah Rojas, Meghan Cacal
-Elina Sarfean , Maryam Almaralla, Emily Porras, Isabella Martinez
Mascot stunt 
3rd – Eli Grant, Mateo Bulaon  Mason Tagorda, Kyle Arias, Max Bulaon
1st – Kaydann Lewis, Victoria Saavedra Guillen, Elizabeth Leff, Michelle Murillo,  Kiana Gil
Mini mascot toe touch 
1st- Meghan Cacal
2nd- Elina Sarfean
3rd- Bobbi Anne Roces
Makayla Olivares, Autumn Braden,  Ayla Fulgencio, Eira Tomines,  Audrey Monilla
Mascot toe touch
2nd- Harlow Gutierrez
3rd- Grace Jazmines
Toe Touch 
3rd- Makayla Olivares
2nd- Peighton Clavio
Mini mascot tumbling
3rd – Janiah Rojas
1st- Meghan Cacal
3rd- Makayla Olivares
Toe Touch
3rd-  Grace Jazmines
2nd- Camryn Miguel
Best leaps
2nd- Camryn Miguel
Spectator Dance –  Sienna Tagorda, Camilla Tagorda, Dylan Jazmines
Emma Aguilar – 1st in kicks and 1st  in leaps
Eira Tomines – 2nd in leaps
Camryn Miguel – Spectator award
1st place – Puppies, Mighty Mites, B Team, Varsity
Division winner – Varsity and Mighty  Mites
Grand Champions – HFGS
1st Place – Varsity Pom
2nd Place – Mighty Mite Pom
1st Place – Varsity Hip Hop
Showmanship Award – HFGS 


Awards at SHARP Las Vegas Nationals 

Congratulations to our HFGS Bulldog cheer and hip hop teams for winning the SHARP National Championship Title on Saturday April 8th at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.
First Place Trophies and medals were awarded to: Mascot Cheer Team, Puppy Cheer Team, Mighty Mite Cheer Team, “B” Cheer Team, Varsity Cheer Team, and Hip Hop Team.
National Championship Trophy and Banner awarded to HFGS
Judges Award Trophy was awarded to Hip Hop Team.
Individual awards: Toe touch 2nd place, Kiana Gil / Best kicks. 2nd place, Lean Eira Tomines / Toe touch 3rd place, Lean Eira Tomines / Best leaps 1st place, Lean Eira Tomines / Best turns 3rd place, Lean Eira TominesSpectator dance winner: Jaden Gil.
A special thank you to all our HFGS families for their support and school spirit at this and all our competitions throughout the year! Hip Hop will compete at the CYO Hip Hop Dance Competition on Saturday, April 29th at St Mary Academy in Inglewood. Go Bulldogs!


Congratulations, Cheer, HipHop Teams, and Coaches!
On Saturday, March 18th, our HFGS Bulldog Cheer and Hip Hop Teams competed in the SHARP CHEER Competition at Sierra Vista High School.  Congratulations to all our teams for placing first in the respective categories and to HFGS for winning the “Most Outstanding School”, “Judges Award” trophies, and many individual trophies and medals.
Thank you to our Athletic Director Mrs. Teresa Nelson and Coaches Miss Alexa Isaac, Miss Britney Valle, Miss Riley Miguel, Mr. Jared Singzon for their regular training of our teams and our school families for their continued support.
Congratulations Bulldogs!

First Place: Mascots
First Place: Puppy Cheer
First Place :Mighty Mite Cheer
First Place: B Team Cheer
First Place: Varsity Cheer
Most Outstanding School Award

First Place: Hip Hop
Best Toe Touch: First place – Emma Aguilar; Third place – Peighton Clavio; First place – Mason Tagorda
Best Kicks: First place – Mason Tagorda; First Place – Emma Aguilar; Second place – Shanessa Dias
Best Leaps: First place- Lean Eira Tomines; First Place- Mason Tagorda; Second place – Emma Aguilar
Judges Award Trophy

Third place stunt group minis: Camilla Acosta, Olivia Baetiong, Nicole Ishaq, and Kaydann Lewis
First place toe touch: Mason Tagorda
Second place: Kiana  Gil
Tumbling First place:  Madelyn Isidron
Spectator Dance: Mrs. Elder, Mrs. Arias, Riley Miguel, Ms. Torres, Arwen  Orbita, Mrs. Orbita, Mrs. Torres (grandmother of Mikayla, Benjamin, and Penelope), Ms. Guillermo, Mrs. Murillo, Mrs. Silvano, Maryjo Makhoul, Brendan Jazmines – First place, Mrs. Ishaq, Mrs. Vergara, Mrs. Baetiong, Mrs. Martinez, Jared Singzon – WinnerJaden Gil – Winner, Mr. Gil – Winner, Jared Soliman, Darrylle Silvano, and Matthew Isidron – Winner