Star Testing




Holy Family Grade School students take quarterly STAR assessments during this school year:

STAR Early Literacy™ is the leading computer-based diagnostic assessment of early literacy skills developed for Pre-K–3 students. STAR Early Literacy tracks development in three domains and ten sub-domains: Word Facility and Skills Comprehension Strategies and Constructing Meaning Numbers and Operations, Alphabetic Principle, Concept of Word, Visual Discrimination, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Structural Analysis, Vocabulary, Sentence-Level Comprehension, Paragraph-Level Comprehension, Early Numeracy

STAR Reading™ is an assessment of reading comprehension and skills for independent readers through grade 12. STAR Reading tracks development in five domains: , Word Knowledge and Skills , Comprehension Strategies and Constructing Meaning , Analyzing Literary Text , Understanding Author’s Craft , Analyzing Argument and Evaluating Text.

STAR Reading Spanish™ is an assessment of Spanish reading comprehension for independent readers from grade levels 1–5; however, it can be administered to Spanish speaking students at grade levels 1–12. STAR Reading Spanish tracks a student’s: Spanish reading level, Spanish ZPD for independent reading practice of Spanish literature, Spanish reading growth and overall progress.

STAR Math™ is an assessment of math achievement for students in grades 1–12. STAR Math tracks development in four domains: Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics.

Students in grades TK-3 take the Early Literacy test.

Students in grades 1-8 take the STAR Reading test.

Students in K-8 take the STAR Math test.

Students in 4-8 take the STAR Spanish test.