Mr. Krikor Kiladjian

Dear 7th Grade Class,

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the seventh grade! This year, in particular, will serve to prepare you for eighth grade and entrance into high school. Your grades, extra-curricular activities, STAR testing, and behavior will help determine admission into high schools the following year. I, along with all your other teachers, will do the utmost to prepare you for this important step in your academic lives and facilitate your success in seventh grade.

I intend to make this year educational, engaging, and fun. For instance, we will delve into the Middle Ages in social studies by learning about topics such as the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment. Furthermore, you will be exposed to engaging concepts in life science such as genetics and heredity. Religion will also be a key component of our curriculum as we discuss the life of Jesus Christ. Technology and field trips will facilitate our learning on a daily basis.

I expect you to be enthusiastic, motivated, responsible, and prepared to meet all the challenges in seventh grade. I am excited for the beginning of this new academic year and I wish each of you the very best!


Dr. Kiladjian