Mrs. Joanna Samija


005Dear 6th Grade Students and Parents,

My name is Mrs. Joanna Samija, and I am the 6th grade homeroom teacher at Holy Family Grade School for the 2017-2018 school year.   While this is my third year teaching at Holy Family, it is my twenty-fourth year in education.  I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have a California Clear Credential in mathematics, and have worked previously with students ranging from second grade through twelfth grade.  

At Holy Family, I will be teaching the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes as well as 6th and 8th religion and 6th grade science.    For the high-achieving 8th grade students, I also teach the Zero Period Algebra I class at Holy Family High School.  I am passionate about teaching, and believe that every student can succeed.  Sixth grade is an important year, as students make the transition from elementary school to middle school and begin their 3 year process to prepare for the rigors of high school.  This year, students will work hard to learn both concepts and content, and strengthen their foundation in math.  As middle school math concepts build one upon the next, a strong foundation in math is essential.

To parents, thank you for making the choice of a Catholic education for your child.  I believe strongly in the benefits of a Catholic education, and I was blessed to attend a Catholic elementary school, a Catholic high school, and a Catholic college, and I completed my teaching credential at a Catholic University – 17 years in all!  My husband and I choose a Catholic education for our three children as well, as we recognize, as you do, that by attending a Catholic school children learn and grow in their faith while receiving an excellent academic education.  It really is an investment in their future.

To my 8th grade parents and students specifically, I am eager to work with you in your last year of Holy Family Grade School and to help you prepare for high school.  In the past I worked as the Chair of the Mathematics Department at a Catholic high school in Northern California, so I am familiar with what high schools look for when accepting students and placing those students into appropriate high school math classes.

I am looking forward to this school year, and I am happy to be part of the Holy Family community.

Mrs. Joanna Samija