August 21, 2016


Dear Holy Family Parents,

On behalf of Father Jim, Miss Suelto, The Clergy, Grade School Staff, and PTO Board, welcome to Holy Family’s 2016-2017 school year. This year is full of new and exciting events, projects, curriculum offerings, teachers, students, families, and more. How can we top the accomplishments of last year you ask? Well, starting with a newly renovated front office and lobby, coffee bar, Holy Family is upgrading classrooms and computers. We have new teachers, returning teachers with new names, new sports equipment, musical instruments, online learning tools, field trips, an inspired Decathlon Team, cheerleaders, altar servers, and more. We are grateful for Father Jim’s tireless efforts in helping raise the funds for these projects through special donors, grants, the parishioners, Clergy, Holy Family parents, and families, The City of Glendale, and surrounding communities along with the support of the Archdiocese. Once again, Holy Family is the most attractive, and best value Private Catholic Grade School in Southern California while ranking in the top 10 schools in the State of California for its Academic achievements; and focusing on the overall Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Dietary Health Wellness of our students. Please note: Next week, Tuesday August 23rd, the PTO Board will be at the school to assist the teachers and staff in the “Early Drop Off” of your students school supplies. This worked great last year, and will help to make the first day of school Monday August 29th, this year, a happy day for the students and parents. Miss Suelto has also worked tirelessly this summer to provide us with this year’s calendar using a different format. This new format will enable all of us to click on some specific days to see all the details of that day’s events. PLEASE REVIEW THIS CALENDAR. IT IS AMAZING!

Welcome back: The first day of school this year is Monday August 29th. Be there early and always remember safety first when dropping off your precious child. Labor Day is Monday September 5th. Back to School Night is Wednesday night September 7th at 7 pm. ON TIME. All parents or guardians must attend this mandatory meeting. Please plan ahead for your child care. No child will be allowed in the main auditorium during the meeting. Healthy food will be served. Expect a large 50/50 drawing. We will discuss other important calendar dates and events, for the Fall months and the rest of the year. At the “Back to School Night General Assembly” Agenda will be provided.

Special note: This year’s “Parish Country Fair” will be held on October 15th and 16th. The PTO board is extremely excited about this “FAIR” as it will have a new atmosphere along with new types of food in addition to the traditional foods we all enjoy. Opening ceremony will be at the church Saturday followed by a Parish Country Fair Dinner. Advance reservations only please. There will be limited walk in tickets available at the door. There will be live entertainment throughout the two day event plus performances by our students and teachers on Sunday. We have an all age basketball tournament which will be held at the High School. BBQ will be included in the registration Fee. Raffle tickets will be distributed in the family envelope the first week of school. Tickets will be $5.00 each this year. You will be getting 3 booklets of 10 tickets plus 2 free tickets in each pack. We encourage you to sell more tickets in addition to your family obligation. It is for the school and your children. All games, drinks, and food tickets will be $1 each. There will be great prizes this year. Everyone will be a winner for participating. BE A SPONSOR. ENCOURAGE A FRIEND OR AN ASSOCIATE TO BE A SPONSOR. LOOK FOR MORE DETAILS TO COME. Father Jim, Miss Suelto, PTO Board, Teachers, and Staff are very excited to see all of you back on Monday, and hear the great stories about your family summer activities. Then, off we go, “as a team” to achieve higher excellence at Holy Family Grade School.

Here’s to the Class of 2017 – Good Luck to all. God Bless everyone with “HONESTY AND HUMILITY.”

Steve Benedict PTO President Holy Family Grade School

“HONESTY” is this year’s theme. “HONESTY” has many meanings and interpretations, and works side by side with HUMILITY. “HONESTY is Truthfulness. The Bible which speaks the truth in God’s words says, “HONESTY” as a character quality, is a sign of the Spirit’s work in a person’s soul. God cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18); therefore, His presence in a person gives rise to truthfulness. God’s people are “HONEST”. The Bible emphasizes the importance of making true statements about God. To purposely misrepresent God is a serious offense. A liar, is defined as someone who denies that Jesus is the Christ. (1John 2:22). Trusting in lies is consistent in forgetting God (Jeremiah 13:25). While it is sometimes tempting to lie, misrepresenting ourselves, or downplaying uncomfortable truths in an effort to avoid conflict, dishonesty is never good for relationships. Speaking dishonest words in order to avoid conflict is flattery (Psalm 12:2). Remember the words of the wise: “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses” (Proverbs 27:6). Unfortunately mankind is not naturally “‘HONEST” (Psalm 116:11). Dishonesty has worldly rewards – Lying can often bring financial gain, power, or temporary satisfaction. But, the rewards come at a price. Dishonesty leads to more and more wickedness (Proverbs 17:4). Lying to fulfill worldly desires ultimately results in the loss of everything a person has including his life. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36). 

That said, “HONESTY” should always be accompanied by gentleness. An “HONEST” person is motivated by love, not by obsession with relaying accurate information (Proverbs 19:22). Above all, the “HONEST” person is concerned with telling the truth about God’s word, and fostering the spiritual growth of other people (Ephesians 4:29). Those who follow Jesus, the Truth (John 14:6), will speak the truth in Love (Ephesians 4:15).